Vyntus™ ONE



The power of ONE - Vyntus ONE is our innovative pulmonary function system equipped with an ultrasonic sensor.

Vyntus ONE is incredibly capable with a modular design that possesses an impressive array of features. Your Vyntus ONE can even grow later on together with your needs delivering high performance and utility in a single package. It is even able to be extended to also measure cardiopulmonary exercise tests with the same module.

It is designed to make your tests more accurate, less intrusive and less stressful for patients. 

Features & Benefits

  • We reengineered every facet of Vyntus ONE’s breathing circuit, to achieve significant improvements in patient's comfort and accuracy. Some technology drivers to achieve this are the double shot technology, the flowpath valve and the eDemand valve.
  • Waterproof Ultrasonic sensor to measure Spirometry; Diffusion SB Realtime and Intrabreath; Lung volumes with N2 Washout and LCI; P0.1, MIP/MEP, SNIP, Compliance, Rocc, Rhinomanometry and Noninvasiv cardiac output.
  • Digital volume transducer to measure CPET Breath-by-Breath. Combine your Vyntus ONE with various bikes, treadmills and the bluetooth Vyntus ECG to be ready for cardiopulmonary exercise tests.
  • Vyntus ONE is easy to operate, and seamlessly integrated with your clinical information systems and existing network infrastructures.
  • Add the Vyntus BODY for body plethysmography to your Vyntus ONE - all in ONE system.

Patient Focus

Breathing circuit innovations are driving the patients comfort:

  • The low resistance of the ultrasonic sensor allows comfortable breathing through the device.
  • Due to the innovative design of the flow path valve testing is easier and noice reduced and also results in more successful tests the first time.
  • The eDemand valve improves the patient experience during gas inhalations, makes measurements less demanding and also increases the number of successful tests.

The hygienic focus combined with our MicroGard filters stops cross-contaminations.


  • Two sensors - two hygiene concepts avoiding conflicts. Pulmonary exercise tests and vice versa. While the digital volume transducer needs to be cleaned after each measurement (no MicroGard filter possible), the ultrasonic sensor only needs to be cleaned every three months.
  • Waterproof ultrasonic sensor. There is no need to dis- and reassembly the sensor for the cleaning process.
  • Three months cleaning cycle of downstreamed parts using the Micro Gard filter.

Innovation - Driving patient centricity

  • Ultrasonic sensor with double shot technology, dynamic flow correction and poly tubes leading to enhanced data resolution and precision and higher accuracy as well as minimized drifts.
  • Innovative flow path valve: Simple, maintenance free, magnetically-controlled rotary shutter is highly responsive to patient effort. This means an easier and noise reduced testing experience as well as testing it right the first time.
  • Due to the use of an eDemand valve, the patient no longer needs to maintain a significant under-pressure during gas supply to keep the valve open. This improves the patient experience during gas inhalation, makes the measurement less demanding and increases the number of successful tests.
  • Benefit from both trusted and innovative measurement method. Your Vyntus ONE is able to perform Spirometry, DiffusionSB Realtime and Intrabreath as well as FRC NWashout measurements. Enhance your PFT lab with an optima bunch of measurements for the lung mechanics.

Functional Residual Capacity (FRC) Nwashout

FRC Nwashout allows the determination of the FRC using the Nwashout method as well as the determination of the absolute volume TLC and RV by combining it with slow spirometry measurements.

  • Minimizes your disposables spend as no rebreathing bag, Coabsorber or tubes are needed.
  • Automatic leak detection.
  • Workflow-driven: No preparation time before starting the test and automatic switched to the next sequence during the measurement.
  • Differentiation of fast and slow lung compartments.
  • measurement of Lung Clearance Index (LCI) to diagnose patients with small airway diseases.

Meet the Vyntus family

The Vyntus Family from Vyaire consists of nine devices for spirometry, PFT and CPET - each one representing the benchmark in its class.
Vyntus CPX

Et stasjonært ergospirometrisystem som benytter «pust-til-pust-metoden» for måling av gassutveksling.

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Vyntus™ BODY

Vyntus™ BODY to accommodate the most patients without increasing the cabin footprint

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Vyntus ECG

The Vyntus ECG is the ideal 12-Lead PC-ECG extension for the Vyntus™ CPX via secure Bluetooth™ communication.

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Vyntus WALK

Ta en seks minutters gangtest (6MWT) iført trådløse sensorer som kommuniserer data til et nettbrett.

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Vyntus SPIRO

PC-basert spirometrisystem som gjennomfører rolig og forsert spirometri, MVV, og gir god oversikt over pre- og post målinger.

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Ta en seks minutters gangtest (6MWT) iført trådløse sensorer som kommuniserer data til et nettbrett.

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Vyntus APS

Sofistikert teknologi som gir presise doser og sikrer at det ikke lekker ut provokasjons substans i omgivelsene.

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Vyntus IOS

PC-basert system som gjennomfører impuls-oscilliometri-målinger i tillegg til rolig og forsert spirometri og MVV målinger.

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Vyaire's SentrySuite® software platform powers all Vyntus™ and MasterScreen™ systems, making them incredibly easy to operate from system-to-system and test-to-test. The user interface provides guidance cues and quality control feedback to help technicians and patients achieve acceptable and repeatable results.

SentrySuite provides automated workflow processes that let you keep tabs on the status of every test, simplifying operations in even the busiest of labs.  Review and web-based Mobile Review applications allow lab staff to visually track each patient through the visit and interpretation processes.

SentrySuite seamlessly connects with your existing network and clinical infrastructures, making collaboration easy from everywhere.  All of this happens under an advanced umbrella of cybersecurity, with stringent access controls to keep sensitive patient information safe and protected.



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