Vyntus ECG


Vyntus™ ECG is a lightweight, compact, wearable ECG, making it the ideal 12-lead PC-based ECG for testing in pulmonary and exercise physiology laboratories.

Using Bluetooth® communication from the patient back to the metabolic cart, Vyntus ECG reduces the number of cables surrounding the patient during testing.  Built into each lead wire is an impedance check that lights up when the signal is not sufficient for quality testing.

Combining Vyntus ECG  with SentrySuite™ software, users now have a single integrated database solution that makes testing, reporting, and EMR integration much easier.

Features and benefits 

  • Vyntus ECG can be used for several applications- resting ECG, stress ECG, and combined with Vyntus CPX for complete CPET
  • Small, lightweight system (220g) that fits easily on the patient and will not impede movement or comfort
  • Impedance Signal Quality Check in more than just one location – at both ECG snap connector hardware and in SentrySuite software dialog box
  • Cableless communication to software using secure Bluetooth™ technology is ideal in emergency situations if patient has to be moved from the bike or treadmill
  • When combined with Vyntus CPX, users benefit from the "Power of One": 1 user interface, 1 central database, 1 click and both ECG and gas exchange data moves simultaneously, 1 combined report, 1 EMR connection, and 1 program to train on


Automated Evaluation

ECG Technology

The Vyntus ECG utilizes the worldwide renowned and well-accepted Hannover ECG System (HES-stress) for automatic software evaluation and analysis of signals.


Flexible Software


SentrySuite ECG software is flexible in not only its setup and display features, it also provides a more in-depth analysis of the ECG recording.

  • Many layouts for the ECG display- 12x1, 6x2, 4x3...., because not everyone likes the same view
  • The screen display can be adjusted to exact paper ECG guidelines for perfect signal scalability while viewing
  • Settings for filter, speed, gain and grid styles are easy to change for active test only or save to the default template
  • With a quick mouse click, you can view an overlay of the current signal to baseline signal for quick comparison
  • Freeze main display with look-back feature and mark capability while keeping monitor lead active for security purposes. Resume all active when done
  • For Resting ECG, SentrySuite will allow for multi-trial capability

Store and See All Beats

Full Disclosure

Vyntus ECG Full Disclosure allows the user to automatically store all beats for all leads, for each phase of testing- baseline, warm-up, exercise, and recovery.  This allows you the most complete overview of the test ECG. And with its look-back feature, you can quickly mark an ECG and it automatically becomes a part of the printed report.


Meet the Vyntus family

The Vyntus Family from Vyaire consists of nine devices for spirometry, PFT and CPET - each one representing the benchmark in its class.
Vyntus CPX

Et stasjonært ergospirometrisystem som benytter «pust-til-pust-metoden» for måling av gassutveksling.

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Vyntus™ ONE

Vyntus ONE is our innovative pulmonary function system equipped with an ultrasonic sensor.

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Vyntus Body

Vyntus™ BODY stands for high value and outstanding quality down to the smallest details.

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Vyntus WALK

Ta en seks minutters gangtest (6MWT) iført trådløse sensorer som kommuniserer data til et nettbrett.

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Vyntus SPIRO

PC-basert spirometrisystem som gjennomfører rolig og forsert spirometri, MVV, og gir god oversikt over pre- og post målinger.

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Ta en seks minutters gangtest (6MWT) iført trådløse sensorer som kommuniserer data til et nettbrett.

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Vyntus APS

Sofistikert teknologi som gir presise doser og sikrer at det ikke lekker ut provokasjons substans i omgivelsene.

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Vyntus IOS

PC-basert system som gjennomfører impuls-oscilliometri-målinger i tillegg til rolig og forsert spirometri og MVV målinger.

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Vyaire's SentrySuite® software platform powers all Vyntus™ and MasterScreen™ systems, making them incredibly easy to operate from system-to-system and test-to-test. The user interface provides guidance cues and quality control feedback to help technicians and patients achieve acceptable and repeatable results.

SentrySuite provides automated workflow processes that let you keep tabs on the status of every test, simplifying operations in even the busiest of labs.  Review and web-based Mobile Review applications allow lab staff to visually track each patient through the visit and interpretation processes.

SentrySuite seamlessly connects with your existing network and clinical infrastructures, making collaboration easy from everywhere.  All of this happens under an advanced umbrella of cybersecurity, with stringent access controls to keep sensitive patient information safe and protected.


Vyntus Family Brochure

Download Vyntus™ Family Brochure >>>