VirtualRehab Body is a suite of therapy modules for the rehabilitation of upper and lower extremities. Uses commercial available hardware to help train motor functions in an intuitive and engaging manner. Makes it possible to retrain abilities such as balance, weight transfer, reach, endurance, strengthening, cognition, and can be used in fall prevention training.

Activities include Assesments, Exercises and Exergames. The game-like activities help augment the dose and adherence of patients to meaningful therapy.

VirtualRehab Hands enables mass practice of fine motor skills through a novel approach to training
clexterity, range of motion and muscle strength for fine motor rehabilitation. Includes an arm support from Virtualware.

VirtualRehab can be used in clinics and hospitals as well as in the patient’s homes and can be used for a wide variety of neurological conditions and accessible
for patients of all ages and levels of ability.