Luna EMG

Treatment through all stages of recovery. EMG controlled exercises for clinically weak patients. 

With Luna, you can now start an active-assistive training for every innerved patient, even when the contraction is only visible on the EMG and not

  • Trigger and hold single channel concentric and eccentric exercises
  • Trigger and release single channel concentric and eccentric exercises

Force controlled and dynamically changing resistance for early and late stage recovery. 

Force sensitive trainings, you’ll facilitate all patients, starting with weight relieve and up to 60 Nm of resistance.

  • Isokinetic with fixed maximal velocity: dynamic antagonist reversal, proprioception
  • Isotonic with fixed one directional torque
  • Isometric with fixed limb position
  • Elastic simulation acting as a spring or band

Passive movement for paralysis and stretching.