LiteAire® MDI Holding Chamber


The LiteAire® collapsible MDI holding chamber is a unique MDI holding chamber and an innovative alternative. LiteAire’s unique dual-valved MDI holding chamber design delivers pop-up convenience and effective drug output at a fraction of the cost of most plastic holding chambers. In many clinical settings, the LiteAire can reduce costs by replacing existing rigid plastic holding chambers or inefficient spacers with a paperboard alternative. The unique design allows the LiteAire to be reused by a patient over multiple doses and meets and often exceeds the performance of plastic holding chambers.

The LiteAire® delivers true value when used in:

Emergency rooms

For patients requiring the use of a holding chamber for immediate treatment; ideal for isolation room conditions.

Inpatient/Outpatient pulmonary Function Testing Labs

Clean, disposable, ready to use, designed to accept most pressurized metered dose inhalers (MDIs).

Short-term respiratory infections

A cost-effective treatment method that meets the short-term needs of patients with acute respiratory conditions.


Features and benefits 

  • Dual valved
  • Labeled for one week's use
  • Pop up to use
  • Not made with natural latex
  • Portable/stores flat
  • Single patient use
  • Compatible with commonly prescribed MDI's

Why LiteAire?

LiteAire features

Stores flat, pops up for use, and collapses for storage until reused or disposed. A 184cc Holding Chamber, a clear viewing window, both inhalation and exhalation valves and labeled for one week’s use.

Innovative Dual-Valved System

  • Clear valve located inside the mouthpiece
  • Opens when patient inhales to provide a direct path for aerosolized drug to flow from chamber into mouthpiece
  • Closes against valve seat when patient exhales to redirect exhaled breath from entering the chamber
  • Small valve located on outside of the bottom panel of LiteAire
  • Opens when patient exhales allowing exhaled breath to flow out
  • Closes when patient inhales
  • Low resistance allowing patient to breathe normally through the LiteAire
  • Unnecessary to remove device from mouth to exhale
  • <p>LiteAire holding chamber volume is approximately 184 mL</p>


    Use and Performance with Most MDIs

    • The LiteAire enables the MDI drug particle sizes to remain concentrated toward the “respirable” 1-5 micron range
    • May be used with most prescribed pMDI drugs
    • MDI opening holds actuator firmly in an upright position


    Savings are realized by matching each clinical application to a holding chamber meeting the needs of that use:

    • Use plastic holding chambers where needed and the lower-cost LiteAire where it meets the clinical needs.
    • The savings is achieved by selecting the LiteAire for each clinical use where appropriate and encouraging patient compliance.

    Foss, S., White Paper- Total Dose Output for MDI, Thayer Medical, Tucson, AZ, April 2002

    LiteAire® Data Sheet

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    Instructions For Use (IFU)

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    Instructions For Use (IFU G-1657 rev A)

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