Indego Theraphy

Meet the New Indego Therapy
Indego Therapy offers clinicians the ability to provide highly individualized gait therapy, custom-tailored for spinal cord injury and stroke.

Indego Therapy is a lower-limb powered exoskeleton that enables therapists to deliver task-specific, over-ground gait training to patients with weakness or paralysis in their lower extremities. Sophisticated motors in the hip and knee joints, combined with advanced sensors and an intuitive software system empower patients to stand and walk over a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces. 

Research shows that task-specific, over-ground gait therapy leads to better results than harness-based or treadmill-based therapies.¹

Why Indego Therapy? 
Indego Therapy is an adjustable exoskeleton that can be custom-sized and perfectly fitted to patients in less than five minutes. Adjustments are even possible while the patient is wearing Indego. This means faster set up, less physical exertion for therapists and patients, and more time working toward the patient’s walking and rehabilitation goals. 

A comprehensive software suite – unmatched in the industry – further enhances training sessions by providing a variety of options, settings, and analytics on patient and device performance that therapists can use to improve treatment plans in real-time. 

Indego Therapy is a tool that can add immediate value to any therapy practice and provide a new standard of care to patients populations. 



¹ Field-Fote, Edelle C., Roach, Kathryn E. “Influence of a Locomotor Training Approach on Walking Speed and Distance in People With Chronic Spinal Cord Injury: A Randomized Clinical Trail.” Physical Therapy (2011): 48-60. 

Personalized Gait Therapy

Rapidly adjustable hardware and customizable software suites make Indego Therapy a powerful gait therapy solution.
Indego Therapy is a lower-limb powered exoskeleton that enables therapists to deliver task-specific, over-ground and individualized gait training.


Modular Design

Indego’s five-component design makes it easy to handle, transport, set up, don, and doff.

Task-specific Gait Training

Indego offers over-ground gait training on various surfaces allowing clinicians to provide intensive gait therapy, custom-tailored to patients across the continuum of care, based on motor learning principles.


At just 39 lb, Indego Therapy is the lightest exoskeleton on the market. There is no backpack or upper body component, allowing it to be worn while seated in a standard wheelchair.

Individualized Therapy

With Indego Therapy’s modular hardware and customizable software suites, patient therapy sessions can be tailored to the individual’s specific needs and impairments and can be adjusted to match their progress and changing gait performance across the continuum of care.

Motion+ Software Suite

Therapy+ Software Suite


Quick Set Up and Fit

Service og support

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